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All sessions are hands on and are for the full allotment of time. Sessions are scheduled for 30, 60, and 90 minutes. Clinical and rehabilitative sessions are $30.00 for every 30 minutes; non-clinical and relaxation sessions are $30.00 for every 30 minutes.  $60.00 per/hr .   YC   $200.00 per/hr.   Insurance and doctor referrals are accepted.  These are current Sale Rates April & May 2017

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  March  4, 2016 Bozeman Montana
  Massage & Headache Relief

  April 5, 2016 Bozeman Montana

  Treating Arthritis with Massage

Massage Therapy & Treatments  Bozeman, Montana 2017, # 1 Massage Therapists.  summer of 2017 Massage is affordable an d can be part of your health.   Bozeman, MT.  Life Energy clinic Has amazing Therapists Available. Rate 1 hour $55.00 . A lot of people turn to massage for stress relief or for relaxation; however, it's benefits and healing powers go a good deal further.  At Life Energy Massage Practitioners, our therapists concentrate on alleviating pain, healing injuries, and helping you maintain a natural balance physically and mentally. You'll notice a huge difference in the results when you get a deep tissue massage or sports therapy treatment. While it is not as gentle it certainly is more beneficial with longer lasting effects.